Six-figure Multimedia Ad Campaign Launches Following the Finalization of the Environmental Protection Agency’s New Methane Rule

January 30, 2024

Washington, D.C. — Fifteen environmental justice, public health advocacy, and environmental organizations representing millions of members across the U.S. and tens of thousands in Pennsylvania announced an advertising campaign in Pennsylvania expressing their gratitude to President Biden and Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan for finalizing a rule to cut methane pollution from the oil and gas sector. 

In Pennsylvania, the coalition including Clean Air Council, Earthworks, Environmental Defense Fund, Environmental Health Project, PennEnvironment, and Sierra Club focused the ad buy on the Commonwealth—the second-largest natural gas-producing state in the nation—to educate residents about the benefits of the Biden Administration’s recent actions to reduce methane emissions. The ads ran on various digital devices and streaming platforms. They were joined by an EDF-branded television ad buy in Pennsylvania, further elevating awareness of how important it is to reduce methane emissions and what steps the Biden Administration has taken to do so.

The U.S. EPA found that this rule will prevent 58 million tons of methane emissions from 2024 to 2038 and reduce future methane emissions by 80 percent. Advocates called the rules a bold step on climate that would protect public health and front-line communities while creating good-paying jobs. 

“Frontline families like mine are grateful that President Biden and EPA have taken this important action to protect our climate and the air we breathe,” said Vanessa Lynch, Pennsylvania Field Organizer, Moms Clean Air Force. “Recent research in Pennsylvania has pointed to increased asthma attacks and correlations with childhood cancer for those living near oil and gas well pads. The implementation of this rule, especially frequent inspections and leak repairs near where kids live and play, means our children will be exposed to less air pollution. Every child deserves the right to clean air.”

Implementing the rule in Pennsylvania will mean inspections at all well sites regardless of production levels and retrofitting existing oil and gas well sites with zero-polluting equipment. Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro announced in December that state regulators were already laying the groundwork for new rulemaking to meet the forthcoming federal standards. 

“President Biden and the EPA’s rule for cutting methane pollution from new and existing oil and gas operations is a major action to help tackle the climate crisis,” said Matt Walker, Advocacy Director with Clean Air Council. “As the country’s second-largest producer of gas, Pennsylvania not only has the responsibility to cut as much climate-warming methane emissions from the gas industry as possible; it also has a lot to gain from protecting the health of frontline communities and creating jobs to find and repair methane pollution leaks.”

“Methane pollution carries volatile organic compounds and other toxic chemicals,” said Jackson Zeiler, Public Health Analyst at Environmental Health Project. “As a result, people living near oil and gas facilities face higher risks of a host of health issues, including respiratory conditions, coronary complications, poor birth outcomes, and cancers. The new methane rule helps to protect vulnerable families from harm while offering the potential to reduce healthcare costs for all.”

The ad campaign, totaling $325,000, also included digital ads as well as a full-page print ad in the New York Times DC edition signed onto by Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments, BlueGreen Alliance, Clean Air Council, CATF Action, Dakota Resource Council, Earthjustice, Earthworks, Environmental Defense Fund, GreenLatinos, Moms Clean Air Force, NRDC (Natural Resource Defense Council), Ohio Environmental Council, and Sierra Club. 

The ad campaign began in late December and will end in the first week of February.